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Protecting your personal information

We are committed to protecting your personal data. When you use our services, we only ask you for the details we need in order to help you as best we can.

We collect the following personal information when you interact with us and when you create an account on our website:

  • First and last name: To know how to address you.

  • Email address: To be able to contact you per email.

  • Phone number: Just in case we need to ask you urgent questions about your document.

  • Type of user: We ask you whether you are a student, teacher, or other type of user.

Confidentiality guarantee

When you provide us with your document(s), we treat it/them with great care. We have special guidelines to which all employees of Cornerstone Research Group must abide, including confidentiality.

Prohibited to send to third parties or publish

Documents you upload are never shared with third parties, nor are they published.

Pledge of secrecy

All our employees and experts are obligated to maintain confidentiality in regards to the content and form of all documents.

Obligation to delete

Experts are obligated to delete your document after they have edited it.

Retention period of documents

Both your original document(s) and the edited version will be saved on our database.


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The cookie data is encrypted and stored on your own computer. Others have no access to this data. You can decide whether you want cookies on your computer via your browser settings.

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