Dissertation Coaching

Dissertation coaching will help you change your approach to your dissertation or thesis (or any other writing project) so that you are motivated, productive, and able to work in a wise, consistent manner. Our coaches understand the needs of graduate students and what it takes to complete successful a dissertation or graduate thesis.

Our dissertation coaches will help you become a better project manager of your dissertation or thesis by teaching you how to structure the process and create realistic work plans you can achieve. Our coaches will also help you work effectively with your chairperson and committee. We help clients overcome psychological barriers to finishing such as anxiety, fear, negative thinking, procrastination, perfectionism, and writer's block. We rejoice in helping graduate students complete their doctoral dissertations and master's theses.

Each of our dissertation coaches has many years of experience working with graduate students and has been highly successful in helping people finish their dissertations and theses once and for all. Dissertation coaching is provided on a monthly basis. There are no long-term commitments to make.

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